1. Key points

1.1 By signing this agreement, the client confirms that he is of the age necessary for work, and that there has not been a suspension or prohibition of activities before.

2. How to use the ICESATOSHI website

2.1 This service (https://icesatoshi.com/) was created as a platform for personal use. When registering, customers consent to the transfer of these data during the registration procedure. Additionally, the user guarantees that he will not seek to gain access to someone else"s account and implement illegal activities.

2.2 The Service may conduct additional verification of the client and request any necessary information for this. These can be identification documents, registration data and contacts for communication.

2.3 If you refuse to transfer documents, the service has the right to suspend operations and block access to your personal account.

2.4 If there are suspicions of illegal or fraudulent activities, the resource has the right to block operations for the period necessary to verify and clarify the circumstances.

2.5 The Client confirms that he is responsible for all information provided when identifying a person. He also independently takes care of maintaining the security of the account in the portal.

2.6 The account is for personal use only and may not be transferred to third parties.

2.7 By signing the agreement, the client confirms that he will not use the account for illegal activities. If the resource administration realizes that the client"s activity is fraudulent or related to other illegal actions, then the company"s employees cancel all pending transactions, suspend the account, and also reject all further procedures.

3. What services does the company provide

3.1 All services are carried out after the client sends an application for an operation.

3.2 During the use of the service, the client automatically confirms that his assets were obtained legally and are not the subject of illegal actions.

3.3 The exchange takes place in real time, and any currency available to the service can participate in the process.

3.4 Depending on the type of process, the term for receiving funds may vary. To implement the procedure, the user is obliged to provide the funds for the transfer and the details of the recipient. The process will complete successfully unless unforeseen circumstances prevent it.

3.5 The Service has the right to cancel the application if the funds were not transferred within 20 minutes to ensure it. For working with cryptocurrency, this period is increased to 90 minutes.

3.6 The service is obliged to transfer funds to the user. The operation is considered completed only after the procedure for debiting funds from the account. All transactions are recorded in the history of the company.

3.7 The Company makes every effort to ensure that customers receive services without interruption. However, the service reserves the right to temporarily stop functions for upgrades, repairs or implementation of additions to the software.

3.8 If the application contains cryptocurrency as the initial funds, the company provides guarantees for fixing the exchange rate after the second confirmation of the operation on the network. Until the moment the client has sent the funds, the application may be recalculated. This only happens if the change is greater than 0.5 percent.

3.9 When implementing an exchange request, where the figurant is a cryptocurrency, the exchange rate is revised every five minutes. If the source is cash, then the recalculation takes place according to a similar scheme.

3.10 If the user sent funds after the cancellation of the application, then the rate will be recalculated according to exchange indicators. The figures will be taken at the time of receipt of the transfer.

3.11 All applications related to the acceptance of cryptocurrency, which were carried out in violation of the conditions, are subject to automatic processing. If the transfer was made on time, but the amount came more or less than the declared one, then the exchange rate will be recalculated according to the exchange indicators at the time the funds were received.

3.12 If the client made a payment, but changed his mind about implementing the process before it started, then a refund can be made. At the same time, a percentage of the work within the network is withheld and there may be a loss of funds on the exchange rate difference. Once an application has been activated, cancellation cannot be implemented.

3.13 If the client"s card is blacklisted in the portal database, then the transfer to it is blocked. In this case, the company reserves the right to appropriate the transferred funds.

3.14 Payment for the application occurs only using a special form on our website.

3.15 The Portal reserves the right not to carry out the transfer or exchange procedure when participating in the application of cash.

3.16 In any case, when a refund is made, a commission of 5% is withheld, except for clause 8.10.

4. Warranty obligations and liability of the parties

4.1 If the client made a mistake when filling in the fields during the creation of an application for a transaction or in case of a violation of the rules of this agreement, then the administration is not responsible for the final result. The portal will not refund the client if the account was specified incorrectly. Under the contract, such a procedure will be considered completed.

4.2 The Company is not responsible for technical malfunctions of the equipment used for the operation.

4.3 The administration is not responsible for erroneous procedures and delays that were obtained as a result of the work of a banking institution.

4.4 If the client misunderstands the rules for the exchange procedure, the cost of the service, tariff rates and other conditions during which he received losses, the company is not responsible.

4.5 The portal administration is not responsible for losses incurred during various procedures, if errors or delays in transfers were made in them.

4.6 The User automatically confirms that the funds used for transactions are his property and legally received.

4.7 If in the course of cooperation with the client the company has suffered losses, the client undertakes to compensate them.

4.8 The client must provide a guarantee that at the time of active cooperation with the service he has reached the age of majority in accordance with the laws of the country of residence.

5. Making changes to information

5.1 Management has the right at any time to carry out the process of incorporating changes to this agreement. It also provides for the possibility of adding new items. All innovations take effect immediately after publication on the portal page.

6. Emergencies

6.1 Both parties are not responsible for the actions and are released from the procedure for fulfilling obligations under this signed agreement in the event of situations that the client or the service cannot influence in any way. This category includes various natural disasters, the adoption of changes in the legislative framework on a national or global scale, mass or natural unrest, the presence of hostilities, hacker attacks, and much more. Additionally, liability is removed if the portal failed during a power outage, traffic interruption, and other emergency situations with communications.

7. Final provisions

7.1 All provisions of this agreement are confirmed by the client in electronic form by clicking the "I agree" button. This agreement has the same legal force as a paper document.

7.2 The Service reserves the right to make changes to the document in a one-sided format. All innovations are necessarily published on the portal website, and users are notified using the contact details left during registration. New clauses come into force immediately after they are posted on the site, unless otherwise provided by the rules in the notes of the agreement. The client reserves the right to implement the termination of the cooperation agreement with the online service if he does not agree with its changes for personal reasons or he does not agree with the new conditions for work. In this case, the client must inform the administration of the service by contacting technical support. To do this, you need to send an email or call the specified phone number.

7.3 The Company has the right to send information to the client about the digital asset exchange service. She can do this using the email provided by the user. The mailing list may also include advertising alerts or information about discounts and promotions. If desired, the user can unsubscribe from the mailing list. To do this, he needs to press the appropriate button in one of the received letters.

7.4 The data that was placed by the portal on the page of its electronic resource, as well as all images, graphics, text files, program codes and other options belong to the property of the company and are protected under copyright law.

7.5 The administration of the service reserves the right to refuse to provide services or provide assistance to customers if a violation of the rules of this agreement has been revealed. In addition, the employee can end the conversation without warning if the client is having a conversation that is not related to work processes, or his behavior does not comply with the norms.

7.6 By signing the electronic form of this agreement, the client confirms that he accepts them and has fully read them. Moreover, if the user has not read the agreement, then ignorance of all the nuances will not release him from liability for errors or financial losses.

8. Carrying out the customer identification procedure

8.1 The client must always be ready to go through the identification procedure. This condition is mandatory and without it it is impossible to use all the services and functions of the online service in the future.

8.2 When carrying out the verification and identity verification procedure, this portal may implement a request to provide the following data at the discretion of the company:

  1. The client must indicate the full name, surname and patronymic. These data must be provided in full accordance with the information in the passport.
  2. Be sure to transfer data on the citizenship of one or more countries under whose jurisdiction the client is located.
  3. Passport data of the user are indicated in full. This list includes the series and number of the document, the date of issue, the name of the receiving department, the validity period of the document, and much more.
  4. The client must provide information about the date and place of birth.
  5. If necessary, a request for the transfer of information about the place of registration of the client can be implemented. This may include data on temporary registration, permanent registration on the user"s passport, as well as information on the actual place of residence in case it does not match the two previous documents.
  6. To create the necessary connection with the service, the client is obliged to provide the exact mailing address for conducting correspondence in paper format, the current phone number, email address for notifications and promotional mailings, as well as any other contacts that can be used as a tool for communication.
  7. For deep identity verification, the user may be required to present photographs of documents. This can be an internal passport, as well as a client ID card, a driver"s license, a foreign passport.
  8. To verify that the documents belong to a particular person, and were not obtained in the course of illegal actions, the user may be ordered to take a photo of himself along with an open document on the page with biometrics. The photo should be as clear as possible so that the portal administration staff can compare the owner"s face and the image on the document.
  9. If the user used a document for identification that does not indicate registration, then a photo of utility bills can be sent as confirmation. They must indicate the home address of the client and his last name, first name and patronymic.
  10. The company reserves the right to require other personal data. They can be requested in any format, volume and quality. At the same time, all data must be up-to-date and reliable.

8.3 All transmitted information will be used to implement the full identification of the client"s identity. On their basis, a procedure will be carried out to identify involvement in money laundering, belonging to the processes of financing terrorist operations and groups, participation in fraudulent schemes, as well as participation in other financial crimes implemented using the functionality of the online service for exchanging digital assets. Validation and tracking can also be done when using resource applications.

8.4 This service for the exchange of electronic currency will carry out the procedure for collecting information in accordance with the privacy policy. The use and transfer of the information received will also comply with this regulation.

8.5 The client gives his consent and permission for the company to keep records of all information received from the user throughout the entire period of activity of the personal account in the online exchange service. In the event that the client closes or completely deletes his account, then all collected information will be stored in databases for another five years. These archiving norms are harmonized with international standards.

8.6 The client gives his consent to the portal that he can carry out all necessary investigations directly or through cooperation with third parties. They can implement identity checks or provide security for resource workflows. Such actions are necessary to identify the involvement of potential or real customers in financial crimes. KYC services or other types of systems can act as a third party. The client does not have the right to restrict the administration in choosing a resource. Also, he can not interfere with the verification.

8.7 After the identification procedure has been completed, the client is obliged to independently activate the process of tracking the relevance of the sent data. In the case of the procedure for changing information, the user must update it, send new documents to the administration or implement the correction independently using the personal account. If the portal administration has doubts that the client’s data is outdated, there have been changes, there are inaccuracies, then the online service reserves the right to block or suspend all pending transactions in relation to clients.

8.8 In the absence of a full-fledged connection between the client and the company using the contact details that the user provided as active during registration and identification, the portal is not responsible for the losses and expenses incurred. Since the client does not respond to the support service, his operations will be blocked until the necessary information is clarified. Additionally, restrictions will be set on the account itself. By signing this agreement, the client confirms that only he is fully responsible for the truthfulness and relevance of the information and personal data held by the portal administration.

8.9 By implementing the identification process, the client provides his consent to the service for the exchange of digital assets for the implementation of any checks and studies in relation to him. The portal may apply any kind of checks that it deems necessary to detect illegal activities. Third parties or companies may be involved in these processes. This decision is made only by the administration of the portal. The client cannot interfere with the choice or give instructions.

8.10 If the client has several active wallets, and all of them are used to implement digital asset exchange procedures, then each of these instruments is subject to automatic AML verification. Additionally, the service may request to verify the user"s identity if his wallet address, which is specified in the application for execution, has a connection with the following companies: Darknet Marketplace, Darknet Service, Fraudulent Exchange, Illegal Service, Mixing Service, Ransom, Scam, Stolen Coins. In case of revealing connections after the identity of the client has been established and his reliability has been proven, the funds will be returned to the sender again minus a commission of 10%.


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