Registration of users on the ICESATOSHI resource is necessary in order for the site to provide access to all services and operations in full. In order to avoid errors in data processing, client authentication on the site is required. To do this, the web portal asks you to provide your personal data:

  • full name (full name);
  • bank card details;
  • e-wallet number;
  • mobile phone;
  • E-mail address.

User identification also protects content from fraudulent activities. Personal information is stored on the site for the entire time period during which the client uses the services of the portal.

How is confidential information used?

The main function of personal user data is to provide the client with a full range of services and access to the functions of the site and applications. Contact information is used by the technical department to promptly resolve user problems and questions, such as recovering a forgotten password from an account.

In addition, technical support uses data for the following purposes:

  • monitoring and improving system performance;
  • upgrading features and services;
  • informing users about new products and improvements;
  • communication of site employees with customers;
  • implementation of security measures aimed at combating the likely actions of fraudsters.

Correctly specified confidential data of users is necessary, first of all, in order to perform error-free work on customer service of the web portal.

Does the site provide access to users" personal data to third parties?

Disclosure of confidential information about users is prohibited by law. The site does not transfer information to third parties. However, there are two situations where such actions are possible:

  • by a court order, law enforcement agencies can access such information within the framework of the law;
  • sale of a business, when the site and the information stored on it passes to a new owner.

The sale of the business also means that personal data will be protected by software and legislation, but with new owners of the Internet resource .

The Service has the right to use data collection systems and analytics systems of third parties (third parties) on the website in order to improve the services provided and the quality of the website. The data collected by such systems is used by them in accordance with their regulations.

What are cookies and why are they needed?

Small text files that are downloaded from a browser web page and installed on the user"s gadget, collect and store information, are called cookies . The main purpose of these files is the accumulation of data, analytical and statistical work, which helps to study Internet resources and makes it easier for users to access the information they are looking for. This means that cookies are needed for:

  • user authentication on the site;
  • monitoring and analysis of access sessions;
  • save user settings (such as time, language and geolocation );
  • analysis of customer preferences;
  • collection of statistics.

Cookie characteristics : type, information storage time, functions

Cookie types :

  • sessional - save information during the time that the user spends on the web page, and after closing the information is immediately deleted;
  • permanent - delete information only during the period for which they are programmed, or when the user cleans the cookie on his own .

Cookie functions :

  • determining the user"s browser type;
  • analytical work (user actions on the site);
  • accumulation of technical information to eliminate errors within the system;
  • remembering settings;
  • provision of external content (advertising banners).

How does the user know that the site uses cookies ?

The client is notified of this by a pop-up window where it is required to manually confirm the use of cookies . Then the files are installed on the user"s computer. You can opt out of using these cookies, but in this case you will not be given full access to the functions and features of the site. You can also clear the data collected by cookies or cancel their use in your browser settings.

User security

The user"s personal data is protected by software, technical department and legislation. Personal information is not disclosed by the site administration. It is also important for the user to independently monitor the security of the password and not disclose it. If you lose your password, you can restore access to your account. To do this, you need to request a password recovery on the site and follow the automatic instructions. In order to always have access to password recovery or editing, you should specify a valid email address during registration.




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