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of turnover

Dear users of the ICESATOSHI service! We have launched a mutually beneficial Affiliate Program for registered users. Now, the service provides an opportunity to earn income by inviting new users to the service. As soon as a new user makes a successful transaction, your balance will receive 6% of the money turnover of the first level referral, and 0.2% of the turnover of clients invited by the first level referral.

For transactions that brought the exchanger a profit of less than 1%, no remuneration is charged. Such payments include conversion operations with an additional payment from the service.

Withdrawal of referral reward is possible after inviting more than 5 active referrals. Each referral must create at least one successful application on the site.

The use of mass mailing messages to promote your affiliate links and promotional materials on HYIPs, pyramids, surfs, boxes, and similar sites, as well as registration from the same ip address of a partner and a referral is strictly prohibited! The same user should not be both a referral and the one who invited.

Payment of referral rewards is carried out after 24-48 hours after the creation of the withdrawal request.

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